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Windows 10Windows 10 Edge Defender SmartScreen protects against phishing or malware websites & applications, and the downloading of potentially malicious files.

Bạn đang xem: Microsoft smartscreen Defender SmartScreen determines whether a site is potentially malicious by:

Analyzing visited webpages looking for indications of suspicious behavior. If Defender SmartScreen determines that a page is suspicious, it will show a warning page to lớn advise caution.

Checking the visited sites against a dynamic danh mục of reported phishing sites và malicious software sites. If it finds a match, Defender SmartScreen shows a warning to let the user know that the site might be malicious. Defender SmartScreen determines whether a downloaded tiện ích or app installer is potentially malicious by:

Checking downloaded files against a menu of reported malicious software sites and programs known khổng lồ be unsafe. If it finds a match, Defender SmartScreen shows a warning to lớn let the user know that the site might be malicious.

Checking downloaded files against a menu of files that are well known và downloaded by many Windows users. If the tệp tin isn"t on that danh mục, Defender SmartScreen shows a warning, advising caution.

Benefits of Defender SmartScreen Defender SmartScreen provide an early warning system against websites that might engage in phishing attacks or attempt to distribute malware through a socially engineered attaông xã. The primary benefits are:

Reputation-based URL và tiện ích protection. Defender SmartScreen evaluates a website"s URLs khổng lồ determine if they"re known lớn distribute or host unsafe content. It also provides reputation checks for apps, checking downloaded programs và the digital signature used khổng lồ sign a file. If a URL, a file, an ứng dụng, or a certificate has an established reputation, users won"t see any warnings. If, however, there"s no reputation, the công trình is marked as a higher risk & presents a warning khổng lồ the user.

Operating system integration.

Xem thêm: What Is Akamai Netsession Client? Should I Remove It? Akamai Netsession Defender SmartScreen is integrated into lớn the Windows 10 operating system. It checks any files an ứng dụng (including 3rd-party browsers & tin nhắn clients) attempts lớn tải về & run.

Improved heuristics and diagnostic data. Defender SmartScreen is constantly learning & endeavoring lớn stay up to lớn date, so it can help khổng lồ protect you against potentially malicious sites and files.


SmartScreen protects against malicious files from the mạng internet. It does not protect against malicious files on internal locations or network shares, such as shared folders with UNC paths or SMB/CIFS shares.

Submit files lớn Defender SmartScreen for review

If you believe a warning or bloông chồng was incorrectly shown for a file or application, or if you believe sầu an undetected file is malware, you can submit a tệp tin lớn for reviews. For more info, see Submit files for analysis.

When submitting Defender SmartScreen products, make sure khổng lồ select Defender SmartScreen from the product thực đơn.


Viewing Defender SmartScreen anti-phishing events

When Defender SmartScreen warns or blocks a user from a website, it"s logged as Event 1035 - Anti-Phishing.

Viewing Windows event logs for Defender SmartScreen Defender SmartScreen events appear in the log, in the Event Viewer.

Windows sự kiện log for SmartScreen is disabled by mặc định, users can use Event Viewer UI to lớn enable the log or use the command line to lớn enable it:

wevtutil sl /e:true

1000Application Windows Defender SmartScreen Event
1001Uri Windows Defender SmartScreen Event
1002User Decision Windows Defender SmartScreen Event

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