Media Feature Pack For N Editions Of Windows 10 Version 1607


Microsoft has designed twelve editions for Windows 10 to meet users’ different needs. Some editions can be only distributed on devices from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) while others are available to people through license channels. This post on will mainly discuss the differences between two editions: Windows 10 Pro and Pro N.

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Windows 10 Pro vs Pro N: Review

The 12 editions of Windows 10 are provided by Microsoft with different feature sets, use cases, or intended devices. You can hardly tell which edition is better unless you have special needs. I found people are wondering what the differences are between some editions, Windows 10 Pro vs Pro N, for instance, so I’d like to lớn talk about it.


Windows 10 Pro license vs Windows 10 Pro N

Have recently built a couple of servers with Windows 10 pro và wanted to lớn try Windows 10 pro N khổng lồ see how it differs. I have sầu however discovered that a normal Windows 10 pro license doesn"t work with Windows 10 Pro N.

Is there any way I can make this work? Or anywhere I can get just the Activation code for Pro N?

Many thanks.

About Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 now is the most popular operating system (OS) of Microsoft Windows. More & more users chose lớn update their OS to Windows 10 from previous version due lớn multiple reasons, lượt thích end of support. Windows 10 Pro seems to lớn be the most popular one amuốn the twelve editions provided by Microsoft.

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Why Windows 10 Pro is welcomed?

The Windows 10 Pro edition includes all the features you can find in Windows 10 Home. Besides, it also has advanced features don’t include in Home: Remote Desktop, Windows Information Protection*, BitLocker**, và some other tools designed for business use.


There are some highlights in Windows 10 Pro.

One: simple và flexible management.

The management of your device, identity, & application has been simplified for more efficient business.

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Frictionless management & seamless workEasy control over di động devices và PCsSimultaneous management on multiple devices

Two: strengthened protection.

Microsoft does more in Pro to lớn protect your business information, personal identities, & equipment.

Simple và secure multifactor authentication is provided.Windows Defender System Guard is used for preventing startup attacks.Windows Information Protection (WIP) is used for avoiding accidental data loss.Hard encryption is offered: BitLocker​ & BitLocker to Go (for external devices).

Related question: should you tăng cấp from trang chủ lớn Pro?

If there’s need to add a layer of security and manageability for your enterprise when moving to lớn remote work, you’d better upgrade from Windows 10 trang chủ khổng lồ Pro. In this way, you can enjoy many advanced features: BitLocker, Remote Desktop, Domain Join, Azure Active Directory, Windows Information Protection, etc.

What about Windows 10 Pro N vs Pro? Please move sầu on khổng lồ the next section.

Windows 10 N vs KN

What is Windows 10 Pro N? To understvà Windows 10 Pro N, you should first know Windows 10 N & Windows 10 KN.


What is Windows 10 N?

Windows 10 N is a special version of Windows 10 released on the basis of European Commission’s anti-competitive practices in 2004. The label “N” is for Europe, meaning “Not with Media Player”. That is to say, the Windows N version includes all the basic functions you can find in Windows 10 expect for the pre-installed Windows Media Player & related technologies. There are also Windows 10 Home N, Windows 10 Education N, etc.

What is Windows 10 KN?

Correspondingly, the Windows 10 KN is a special version of Windows 10. The label “N” is for Korea; it also means “Not with Media Player”. Windows Media Player & other related technologies including Music, Video, Voice Recorder, as well as Skype are not pre-installed in the KN version.

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