Worried that Windows cannot connect lớn the printer? Refer to the below tips lớn solve the issue.You may kiểm tra the mặc định printer settings or clear spooler files và restart the spooler service.

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2. Ensure your printer is turned on and connected

Chechồng the power switch if it is turned on, and ensure the printer’s power cable is plugged inlớn an electrical outlet.

If you’re on a shared printer or network, ensure all computers and routers are turned on as well. Plugin your power surge protector và turn it on.

Plugin the printer’s USB cable properly to your PC. For wireless printers, turn on the wireless option from your printer then run the printer’s wireless connectivity kiểm tra from the thực đơn option.

If these are clear, và you still cannot connect the printer to Windows, then your computer may not be connecting lớn your wireless network.

3. Uninstall & reinstall your printer

Select Start.Clichồng Settings.

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Choose Devices.Clichồng Printers và Scanners on the left pane.Find your printer and cliông chồng on it.Select Remove sầu device.

Follow the above steps to remove your printer. Then, reinstall your printer (wireless or local) using the following procedure:

Select Start.Clichồng Settings.Choose Devices.Cliông xã Printers & Scanners on the left pane.Select Add a printer or scanner.Choose the printer you want to add then select Add device.
Run a System Scan lớn discover potential errors
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