Write A Letter To Your Friend Telling Him/Her All About Your Adventures During Your Trip To The


Your name is Mohan/Monali living at 42/81 Nehru Nagar, New Delhi. Write a letter khổng lồ your friover about your recent trip khổng lồ goa with Your family.

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Examination Hall

New Delhi

16th February, 2021

Dear friend,

I am quite well here và hope that you will also be hale và hearty. I am writing this letter to share my wonderful experience of a trip lớn Goa with family.

We started from here in the morning by flight và reached there within two hours. After resting for an hour in the hotel, we decided lớn leave for the famous beaches of Goa. The climate was pleasant & the beach was full of people from across the world.

I were on the beach playing with sea water, laughing and enjoying the beauty of nature & sea. There are several water sports these that are extremely adventurous and enjoyable.

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The trip was extremely satisfying & enjoyable. I got time lớn spend with my family. The only annoying experience was the sunburns that I am still trying khổng lồ get rid off. Convey my regards to your parents và love to lớn your little brother và sister.

Yours affectionately


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