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More & more people in business connect globally through Clip conferencing, website conferencing, Skype and e-mail. If you"re going lớn be successful in a global company, you have sầu lớn be able to speak fluently & write well in English.The type and format of the questions in the optional Speaking & Writing test are quite different compared to lớn the standard TOEIC demo. However, similar skills are being tested as well as your ability khổng lồ communicate effectively. As with the standard demo, all the questions are designed khổng lồ represent real world corporate situations from the factory level all the way up to the boardroom. Your ability to communicate in any kind of workplace situation is being evaluated. However, you do not have sầu to have specialized buisness knowledge lớn be able khổng lồ answer the writing or speaking tasks.Unlike the Listening và Reading sections of the standard TOEIC thử nghiệm, the optional Speaking và Writing thử nghiệm is done at a computer. Your responses are sent directly lớn ETS"s online scoring network where highly trained graders by ETS will mark your responses. For Writing, the range of scores varies for each of the 3 types of tasks: 0-3 for tasks 1-5, 0-4 for tasks 6-7 and 0-5 for task 8. The sum of your scores for the 8 writing tasks is then scaled. The scaled score range is 0-200. In addition to lớn your scaled score, you are assigned a proficiency màn chơi. There are 9 for writing. To see what the 9 levels are as well as description of what each means in terms of your writing skills, see the ETS PDF here.What score you get for your writing responses is based on how well you demonstrate these essential skills: sentence variety, grammar, range và appropriateness of vocabulary, & coherence và organization. Sentence variety means you use more than one kind of sentence strucure. Grammar covers many, many skills. Make sure lớn read over your responses for spelling mistakes! Range và appropriateness of vocabulary means you don"t use the same words over & over again, as well as using the right words related lớn the topic. What you write should make sense, someone reading it should not be confused or have a hard time understanding what you"re trying to lớn convey. Going from one idea to lớn another should progress in a logical manner. This is what coherence & organization refer to.The Writing section has 8 tasks. You have sầu a total time of 1 hour to lớn complete them all.

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These are the 3 types of TOEIC Writing tasks in the order in which you will vì them in the test:Write a sentence based on a picture: 5 questionsRespond to a written request: 2 questionsOpinion essay: 1 questionFor questions 1-5, you will be presented with an image & 2 words or phrases. You must write one sentence. For questions 6-7 you must respond, by writing an e-mail, lớn a written request. Question 8 requires you to write an opinion essay.TOEIC Writing Section: Write a sentence based on a pictureFor this task type, there are five questions. You need lớn write one sentence based on what you see in a picture for each question. Along with the picture, you will be given TWO words or phrases that you must use in your sentence. The words can be used in any order, và you are allowed khổng lồ change the forms of the words. Your sentences will be scored on the appropriate use of grammar và how relevant your sentence is khổng lồ the picture. You have sầu 8 minutes in total to lớn complete this part of the writing section.Example:
across / busyOne possible sentence lớn describe the picture: The two men sitting across from each other are busy at work on their computers.Bachồng to topTOEIC Writing Section: Respond to lớn a written requestFor this task type, there are 2 questions. You need lớn write a response khổng lồ an e-mail that you will read for each question. What your response needs to include is in the directions so make sure you also read the directions carefully. Your reply will be scored on the chất lượng và variety of your sentences, vocabulary, và organization. You have đôi mươi minutes in total to lớn complete this part of the writing section; you"re given 10 minutes lớn read & reply lớn each e-mail. Note that once you go onkhổng lồ question 7, you will not be able lớn return khổng lồ question 6.Sample prompt: You would read the following e-mail:FROM: Chris DunvailTO: Owner of 2012 Karema XRSUBJECT: Interested in your carSENT: May 15, 11:52 AMHello. I"m interested in purchasing the 2012 Karema XR you listed for sale on the Wheel & Deal web page. Please tell me about the history of the car. Could you also tell me why you want khổng lồ sell it? Thank-you for your time.Directions: Respond to lớn the e-mail as if you are trying to sell your oto. Provide at least TWO details about the condition of the oto & give sầu ONE reason why you are selling it.Back to lớn topTOEIC Writing Section: Opinion essayFor this final writing task, you need khổng lồ write an essay in response lớn a question that asks you khổng lồ state, explain, and support your view on an issue. An effective sầu essay usually will consist of a minimum of 300 words. Your reply will be scored on whether your opinion is supported with reasons and/or examples, grammar, vocabulary, và organization. You will have sầu 30 minutes lớn plan, write, và revise your essay.Sample prompt: At some companies, the IT department saves a copy of all staff e-mails & monitors web sites visited on the Internet. Do you agree or disagree that companies should be permitted to lớn do this? Provide reasons or examples to support your opinion.Back khổng lồ top
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