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Regular readers lớn will no doubt remember a version of Kaspersky Internet Security that came from the German PC magazine Computer BILD. It was called Kaspersky Security Suite CBE & was không tính phí lớn its subscribers, needing re-activating with a new key every three months. This was one of the first sites to lớn find workarounds lớn get the program to lớn work for non German speaking users and also those outside of Germany itself.

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Kaspersky’s relationship with Computer Bild has now come to lớn an kết thúc, and the new replacement is Norton Internet Security CBE. This is currently harder khổng lồ find a work around for because you need a key from the magazine itself and it isn’t a generic key. If you prefer Kaspersky products over Symantec this isn’t great news for you. However, we have an alternative for CBE users và also a great way for users of free antivirut packages or users without antivirus software at all to lớn get hold of a unique paid antivi khuẩn hàng hóa for không tính tiền.

Kaspersky have sầu a partnership with hardware manufacturer ASUS và provides its Anti-Virus 2013 free for 1 year khổng lồ owners of the high end Hãng Asus ROG (Republic of Gamers) range of motherboards. Although not the Internet Security package with Firewall etc, this version does have other crucial advantages over the CBE edition. Firstly it’s available outside of Germany so you don’t need to lớn edit the languages, English is mặc định. Secondly, Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 ROG edition is available worldwide so there’s no need to lớn use VPN’s and proxies from your country to lớn try and activate it!

If you bởi vì not own an ASUS ROG motherboard, attempting lớn install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 using their thiết lập installer will fail with the error message “Error has Occurred. Application was not installed. Digital signature of installation files is missing”. After a bit of time và retìm kiếm we’ve sầu come up with a way to lớn install and activate the ROG edition using the standard antivirus package for ALL users, not just those who have sầu Asus ROG motherboards. This isn’t done using cracks or keygenerators, just common sense & xúc tích. Here’s the steps how to lớn vị it.
1. First off, if you don’t already have sầu it, you will need khổng lồ tải về & install the 7-Zip archiver (version 9.20 or higher is required). Also, an important note, if you’ve sầu had a Kaspersky hàng hóa installed on your computer before (Antivirus, Internet Security, PURE or CBE), it’s highly advisable lớn download and run the Kaspersky Products Remover (KavRemover) lớn completely clear your machine of any residual files or registry entries that could interfere with the ROG install.

2. Go to lớn the Hãng Asus Kaspersky page & download the tệp tin.


3. Once downloaded, right cliông chồng on the zip file và “Extract Here…” to lớn produce a thiết đặt executable. Then right cliông xã again & extract the thiết lập installer file contents lớn a thư mục.


4. Go inkhổng lồ the thư mục you extracted, right cliông chồng on the kavkis.msay đắm và choose lớn “Extract Here…”. This will extract a single cbi.dll tệp tin which is the activation tệp tin for Kaspersky Antivirut. Right Clichồng và Copy or Cut the cbi.dll tệp tin.


5. You need to manually create the Kaspersky Anti-Virus directory structure and paste the cbi.dll into lớn it. Go khổng lồ C:Program Files and create a folder “Kaspersky Lab”. Go into lớn that folder và create another thư mục called “Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013”, the structure will look like this for 32-bit users:

C:Program FilesKaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus 2013

or the following for 64-bit users:

C:Program Files (x86)Kaspersky LabKaspersky Anti-Virus 2013

Paste the cbi.dll inkhổng lồ theKaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 folder.

6. Now you need lớn create another directory structure, go to lớn C:ProgramData and create the folders “Kaspersky Lab”, then “AVP13” inside that, & “Data” inside that to produce the following structure for Windows Vista, 7 và 8. The ProgramData folder is hidden by default so if you can’t see it in the root of C, type C:ProgramData inlớn the Search box on the Start thực đơn or configure Windows to lớn show hidden files và folders from Folder Options found in Control Panel.

C:ProgramDataKaspersky LabAVP13Data

For Windows XPhường. theKaspersky Lab thư mục is in Documents & Settings:

C:Documents & SettingsAll UsersApplication DataKaspersky LabAVP13Data

7. Go baông xã lớn the KAV ROG folder from step 3 and double cliông chồng khổng lồ open the file (not the mtê mê from earlier). Inside you will find the Kaspersky license tệp tin with a name of_1AA7CD13.key. Right cliông chồng & copy it, then paste the key tệp tin into the Data thư mục created from step 6.


8. Now the Asus ROG license files are in place, it’s time khổng lồ tải về theKaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 setup installer from the Kaspersky website. You MUST tải về the update installer which the link points lớn and not the trial installer or it won’t work and you will only get 30 days. Then simply install the package as usual, it probably makes no difference whether you choose to participate in the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). For reference, the tested installer waskav13.0.1.4190abcdefEN_4395 but should work fine on newer 2013 versions when they’re released.


Once theKaspersky Anti-Virus 2013program has installed, that’s it, you don’t have khổng lồ vị anything else because the program installs and activates itself automatically using the key from the ROG installer. Just make sure you have sầu internet access during the process. If you look at the licensing details when the main interface pops up, you will see the activation has been applied and you have sầu 365 days left!


Upon further inspection of thelicensetệp tin itself, we have also discovered that it doesn’t actually expire until the 31st of December năm ngoái. This doesn’t mean that the key lasts until năm ngoái if you activate it now, but rather that you can activate this version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013anytime between now và then to get a full 365 days of usage. The results of the Kaspersky Lab Key Viewer are below.


Installing and activatingKaspersky Antivirus 2013 ROG Edition has been confirmed working on Windows XP.., Vista, 7 & 8 and there’s no need khổng lồ use proxy or VPN services which was the main stumbling bloông xã for users lớn get the CBE versions to work properly.

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Just so you can see how quickly these steps can be followed & how easy the whole process is, we’ve made a small đoạn phim to show you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since this article was posted, we have had several people report và ask us why their version of Kaspersky ROG has been blocked. Do be aware that as the program states, it’s licensed for 1 computer for 1 year. Although we’re not 100% sure of the methods it uses, this version of Kaspersky behaves much lượt thích any other Kaspersky hàng hóa & will detect a problem if more than one machine from the same location is trying khổng lồ use the same hàng hóa key, possibly by checking the IP address used.


To help avoid your antivi khuẩn having its key blocked, we’d advise you NOT lớn use it on more than one computer from the same location. At best you could try lớn reboot your router or change IPhường. address before running any other computers so it doesn’t see severalKaspersky ROG instancesinstalledfrom the same IP.

Getting Another Year of Protection if Your License is Expiring

Since we posted this article just over a year ago, it has now reached the point where users who followed this guide not long after release will be having their Kaspersky Antivirus reaching the end of the 1 year license. After this point you will normally have sầu to purchase a full license or uninstall Kaspersky because the program remembers what license you used previously và won’t accept the same license entered again.

After some research we have sầu found a method which works khổng lồ give sầu you another year’s worth of protection in addition to whatyou’ve already had. Follow the guide below, it is assumed you still have the antivi khuẩn installed.

1. Open Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn, cliông xã Settings -> Advanced -> Self-Defense, untiông chồng “Enable Self-Defense” và click OK.


2. Right cliông chồng on the Kaspersky Antivi khuẩn tray icon -> Exit.

3. Follow steps 2, 3 & 7 from the main guide above khổng lồ get the_1AA7CD13.key file from Copy the key file inlớn the following thư mục.

C:ProgramDataKaspersky LabAVP13Data

For Windows XP:

C:Documents & SettingsAll UsersApplication DataKaspersky LabAVP13Data

4. Download the Zip file below, extract the archive sầu và exedễ thương the batch tệp tin making sure lớn “run as administrator”. This erasesthe current license completely so it can be reinstalled. The batch will automatically reboot the system so make sure you have saved any work beforehand. Do note the script can trigger an alert in antivirut software because of what it does.


5. After the system has rebooted open Kaspersky Antivirus and you should find it has now given you a completely new 365 day license. Self Defense should have been automatically enabled again.


We haven’t been able khổng lồ chạy thử this method on an actual expiring license but it works every time to lớn reset 360 days left back to 365 days, it should give sầu the same result however many days are remaining. You can also getthe full year again even if only 6 or 9 months of the current license have sầu been used, simply follow the same procedure.

If Kaspersky Antivirut has been uninstalled because the license already expired, run the batch tệp tin from step 4 and then follow the main guide lớn reinstall.

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