How To Check Vulnerabilities Framaroot?

There are many root software out there that can help us lớn root our Android phones in one cliông xã. But there are not many root software that also allow us lớn unroot the rooted device. Therefore, when we want to lớn unroot our Android devices so that we can update a new Android system, we have sầu to lớn search online for new methods. In fact, we don't have khổng lồ go through all these troubles if we use Framaroot, the root software installed on Androidphone,to root và unroot Android in 10 seconds.

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This is a one-click application to lớn install Superuser và su binary on phone. Superuser & su binary include in application work from app android 2 khổng lồ 4. With root exploits attached khổng lồ the application, it allows users to root their Android phone in a few seconds. Moreover, it provides the option of "Unroot" as well as the “Exexinh đẹp script” option for advanced users.



Success with this application void warranty on your device.

Root Android Using Framaroot in 10 Seconds

STEPhường 1 Install Framaroot on your phone.Download Framaroot APK file on your phone. If you have the APK file downloaded on your computer, copy the tệp tin lớn your phone via USB cable. Then go to Settings>Security>Unknown source to lớn enable the install of applications outside of Play Store, after that, use a file explorer to lớn install Framaroot on the phone.

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STEP 2 Root Android using Framaroot. xuất hiện Framaroot on the phone, from the drop-down danh mục, choose "Install SuperSU". Then select one of the exploits (Gandalf, Boromir, Pippin, Legolas, Sam, Frovày, Aragorn và Gimli) that fits your device. After that, the application will start khổng lồ root your device and you have sầu khổng lồ reboot the device after it is successfully rooted.


Tip: If there is a popup saying "Your device seems not vulnerable lớn exploit included in Framaroot", in this case you can just uninstall Framaroot.

Unroot Android Using Framaroot in 10 Seconds

When you need to unroot your rooted phone, just launch Framaroot on your phone, & choose "Unroot" from the drop-down danh mục. In 10 second, your Android phone will get back to lớn the unrooted status.


With Framaroot, it is just a piece of cake to lớn root & unroot your phone, right? Have sầu a try with the application and tell us about your experience.

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