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Cute otaku Korean Model entrances Japanese men online: “She can’t possibly be real!”

We’ve sầu seen the Japanese side of the internet praise a lot of girls from different countries for their beauty. There’s been online idols from China, Vietnam, Taiwan, và of course plenty in Japan. But one country that has been conspicuously absent is Korea.

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Until now. Internet, say hello lớn the lademo girl who’s been melting Japanese hearts online: Yurisa from Korea. Oh, and did we mention she’s a giant otaku too?

Yurisa is a 20-year-old gothic lolita model from Korea who loves posting pictures of her work on her social media accounts. As if that wasn’t enough to get Japanese netizen’s keyboards sweaty already, she’s also a người of Japanese anime, games, cosplay, và plastic figures. She’s attended several events in Japan as well.

So with that introduction out of the way, let’s get to what you really came here for: pics.

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▼ Starting off with a classic, the wide-eyed selfie.

▼ Showing off her Cardcaptor Sakura school unisize cosplay.

토모요두 사쿠라찡두 아니지만 꾸벅~ pic.twitter.com/4quByCbVy0

— yurisa /투믹스, 네이버시리즈에
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